God's Children Bringing Hope and Recovery to Hurting Children
How You Can Help

How You Can Help

Training for ParentsThe opportunities for you to help through God's Children are many. You may choose to contribute to the General Fund, or to a specific area - Bibles, medicine, medical equipment, trauma recovery therapy, or parent training classes..

You can contribute by online donation, or by making a check payable to 'God's Children' and mail to:
2260 Island Creek Rd, Sarasota, FL  34240.

Perhaps you are a professional who can come assist in training. An immediate need is Medical personnel who can train Family Physicians and Pediatricians how to do screening of infants and toddlers for early detection of autism. We also need LIcensed Professionals to train the therapists in Family Therapy methods. We need medical personnel to conduct blood pressure, diabetes, eye screening clinics. We need dentists to hold dental clinics - fill cavities, replace missing teeth. At last count, there were 2 physical therapists for a city of 60,000. If this is something you'd like to help with, click on Contact Us and tell us about what you have in mind.

You may find joy in bringing healing from abuse to children. Because many people here have very little money, the counselors work full time as Social Workers, teachers, etc. These skilled therapists arrange counseling sessions around their work schedules so they can help abused children recover from the nightmare of their trauma. The fees charged are on a very low sliding scale based on the client's income. Even so, too many cannot afford the full fee. What can you do to help these children? Your gift of $35 provides a Scholarship for a month of weekly sessions with Believers who are trained professional counselors. $105 will give one child 3 months of weekly sessions. $630 will give 6 children 3 months of weekly therapy sessions. $75 covers 6 weeks Parent Training. The need is urgent!

Or, you may find it gratifying to fund medications or medical equipment so poverty stricken children or frail, abandoned elderly can overcome chronic illness. There are good doctors and nurses in the Sfantu Gheorghe area, but there is a terrible shortage of medications. Their equipment is old and inefficient. They make very little money, but most of them serve because they are dedicated to helping their people. Difficult cases are sent to Hungary for medical diagnosis and treatment. There are many boys and girls, and abandoned elderly people who need medical help. Please, open your hearts and donate now so they can live quality lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Donation


What kind of charitable organization is God's Children?
God's Children is recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN # 80 - 0154868. As such, all contributions made to God's Children are deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Every donation made to God's Children is fully tax deductible as allowed by law because God's Children qualifies under the IRS rules for tax deductions. When you make a donation through our site, be sure to save and/or print the confirmation e-mail you receive from God's Children for your tax records.

Is there a good or bad time to donate?
To qualify for a tax deduction for this year, you must make donations by December 31st of the current calendar year.

Can I itemize my deductions this year?
Even though your donations may be tax deductible you can only deduct them if you itemize deductions on your tax return. Itemizing, or listing your deductions individually, is a good idea if your itemized deductions add up to more than the standard deduction the IRS allows.

For most of us, charitable donations alone aren't likely to be enough. But, if you pay interest on a home mortgage, have medical expenses that exceed certain base amounts, or have additional deductions you plan to itemize, including your donations may help to lower your tax bill. 

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Donations in Honor of...

Instead of flowers for the memorial service, Dan requested contributions to God's Children to help feed and provide medical care for abandoned children in Covasna County, Romania. Dan's legacy lives on through Anne and Let's Start Talking Teams who serve there now.