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We're Dan and Anne Boyd, Christians for 62 years, married for 55 years. From the time we met in our teens at Camp Sheffield, TX, we were drawn together by a mutual desire to devote our lives in God's service by helping the hurting.

God blessed us with four children - Bob married to Donna, Dyann married to Jere McCully (parents of Michael, 19, Kristen, 9), Scott married to Michelle (parents of Shelby, 15, Danny, 12, Erica, 9) and Dean married to Beth (parents of Jessica, 21, Emily, 18, Brenna,15). Dan has a BA in Bible from ACU, and MA in Linguistics from UT Arlington. He has also done post graduate studies in New Testament History, and Counseling. Anne, a Trauma Recovery Specialist, as well as a Parent Trainer, has a BA in Sociology, and MSSW in Social Work from UT Arlington. Dan preached full time for 18 years in Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Delaware, Alaska, and Holland. Dan, after years of serving as a Certified Financial Planner, and Anne, a Clinical Social Worker for over 30 years, closed our practices to answer God's call that we devote full time to serving in the mission field again.

In our pilgrimage upon this earth, we have served as short-term missionaries in Ghana, West Africa, Holland, Scotland, Yugoslavia, Russia, and Romania. In 2000, we were invited by Fundatia Agape in Sfantu Gheorghe, Covasna County, Transylvania, Romania, to give a seminar on Parenting. We were invited to come again in 2001 to speak on Identifying Abuse and Helping the Abused. That has led to us being invited for longer and longer periods to help the hurting in that area. This year, we have sold all our possessions to move to Sfantu Gheorghe. We have signed on as volunteers with the Covasna County Red Cross. Dan is their Family Therapist; Anne is to continue training the local therapists and supervise counseling cases. Dan also conducts small group studies to help the Romanians improve their conversational English. We are thankful that in our "Retirement Years" we won't "rust out," but, if God wills, we will serve Him until we "wear out" and He calls us Home. Thank you for your help. Any suggestions you may have will be appreciated.


Anne and Dan

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What We Do

We devote our time to mentoring those whom God brings to us. We both are volunteers for the Covasna County Red Cross. Dan is the Family Counselor. Anne is a Clinical Social Worker who helps people recover from trauma... [ MORE ]